3 Asteroids to almost touch Earth TODAY! NASA alerts

3 Asteroids to almost touch Earth TODAY! NASA alerts
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NASA alerts three asteroids passing Earth later today at different times. Two of them considered potentially hazardous!

Stay on ALERT! There are three asteroids heading towards us and will rendezvous with Earth later today at different hours. A slight deviation to their trajectories could mean GAME OVER for us! All the three are termed as Near Earth Objects and are deemed potentially hazardous. The biggest one of the three is almost as big as a commercial jetliner.

Asteroid 2022AG is said to be almost as big as an airplane, while Objects 2022 AA4 and 2022 AF5 measure up to 28 and 16 metres long respectively. However, for now NASA says that they aren’t predicted to be on a collision course. The one that would be closest to us will pass us at a distance of 867,000 miles, which is four times the distance between Earth and Moon. These will be travelling as fast as 9000 miles per hour

Bigger Asteroid passing even closer next week

While these three asteroids are passing us at a relatively safe distance, the next one heading towards us is almost touching us. A slight deviation in its course due some gravitational pull could make us all history like our dinosaur cousins.

Asteroid 7482 is a huge rock that spans almost 3,451 feet, which is much larger than the Burj Khalifa and almost twice as large as the Empire State Building. This one is almost kissing us next week with a passing distance of 1.2 million miles. If this one were to hit Earth, it could be dealing a lot of damage to our pale blue dot in the space.

However, don’t fret and start running to your underground shelter yet. Based on NASA’s prediction of trajectories of several Near Earth Objects that are discovered daily, none of them have a probability of hitting Earth in the next few hundred years. NASA says that Earth gets sprayed with space rocks frequently and most of the smaller ones burn up in the skies, which we see as meteor shows.

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