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A Beautiful Breakup actress Matylda Bajer on India and how much she love’s the country’s culture and diversity

A Beautiful Breakup actress Matylda Bajer on India and how much she love's the country's culture and diversity
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People can fall in love with a place, as depicted in movies and TV shows. Matylda Bajer had a similar experience in India many years ago. The country’s culture, diversity, and people’s friendliness captivated her. That’s why she just couldn’t leave and decided to call Mumbai her home instead, spending most of the year in the so called „city of dreams”, rest of the time in other parts of the country and in Europe.

After spending a few years in India, Bajer has many positive things to say about the country and its people. She recently wrapped filming on A Beautiful Breakup, a UK-South Indian collaboration, and had a wonderful time. “Living in India as a European is undoubtedly unique and has opened up my world and widened my perspectives a lot. I’ve always been fascinated by diverse countries, and while I’ve travelled to many different places, it’s different when you live somewhere for a long time. Indians are incredibly respectful, enthusiastic, and open to new experiences”, Matylda says of her experience thus far in India.

The talented actress adds, “I met a lot of amazingly creative people in the acting and modelling field, lots of talented and very passionate individuals and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. I also love travelling here, especially because the Indian subcontinent is so vast and home to such a mix of cultures within one country. That diversity, the different languages, religions, and cuisines, appeals to me much. I adore the diversity, the different languages, religions, and cuisines. I absolutely love eating in India and miss it when I travel outside of the country; the variety of flavours, as well as the spices.”

“While shooting for A Beautiful Breakup in a remote location in the hills among the coffee farms, we were eating fresh local food daily prepared with locally obtained foods and spices, it was great. Of course, I encountered difficulties when living and travelling in various parts of India; they’re unavoidable due to cultural differences; nonetheless, the more time I spend in India, the more in-depth my understanding of the nation and its culture becomes.” Matylda Bajer says of her experience more.

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