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After Karan Johar’s clash with Divya Agarwal, TV star Suyyash Rai calls him ‘a loser’

After Karan Johar's clash with Divya Agarwal, TV star Suyaash Rai calls him 'a loser'
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New Delhi: On the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT, fans witnessed a war of words between contestant Divya Agarwal and host Karan Johar. TV actor Suyyash Rai commented on this heated exchange and sided with Divya Agarwal, calling Karan Johar a loser.

He took to Instagram to share a picture of Karan Johar on the show on his TV screen and wrote, “Karan Johar has lost the plot”.

In addition, he wrote in his Instagram post, “Dear Karan Johar, come let me burst your bubble. You aren’t Salman Khan. Try talking sense,” he wrote in his Instagram Story. He added in another, “Never knew KJo is such a loser. Dear KJo, you fkin check your tone next time then expect others to speak with you nicely. And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya. Do all this with your Shamita (Shetty).”

He tagged Karan in his story and wrote, “Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai (Stick to making movies).”

Check out Suyaash Rai’s dig at Karan Johar:



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On the Bigg Boss Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Karan Johar and Divya Agarwal had a heated exchange where the host asked her to mind her tone as he’s not in the Bigg Boss house with her. Karan also asked her to stop taking his name in the house if she doesn’t have anything nice to say about him.

Apart from that contestants Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath were eliminated from the show on Sunday (August 23).

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