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Basant Jangra is bringing smiles with his comedic

Basant Jangra is bringing smiles with his comedic
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“Laughter is a wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.” — Sean O’Casey

It is very difficult to put smiles on faces during tumultuous times like the one the entire world is facing now. Being a self-proclaimed comic is easy but lighting up the audience’s faces with your jokes and talent is something very few individuals are capable of. Basant Jangra is one of those few talented individuals who is entertaining his audience with his YouTube channel that is filled with a large collection of funny and prank videos. His simplicity and strong understanding of physical comedy have made his YouTube channel a hub for people who love impromptu prank videos.

Life wasn’t sunshine and rainbows for Basant Jangra and he endured many hardships in his childhood. He was born in a middle-class family in Sonepat, Haryana, and didn’t have ever the tiniest luxuries in life. 

He attended a government school and completed his intermediate education with admissible grades.  Graduation was his topmost priority to escape the clutches of financial crunches but destiny had other plans for him. He became gravitated towards YouTube and began spending a lot of time watching videos and even participating in skits and small-level college shows. He even worked with a few YouTube channels before establishing his channel, which now has over 2.7 million subscribers as of now. 

He explains his journey and says to InterviewerPR team, “Selecting YouTube as a full-time career was a very risky decision for me as my family was in grave need of a financial upliftment. Graduation and job was the only feasible method to make money and it took a lot of effort to convince my family. With the help of a lot of odd jobs and savings, I purchased a laptop and got an internet connection, after which nothing was obstructing my goal. After a lot of sleepless nights in search of the best teaching about YouTube and its features and revenue generation, I launched my journey on YouTube. I still remember my first Adsense payment that was around 6000 INR and took eleven months to accumulate. Money isn’t a priority now as my audience has brought me to a position where finances are stable and my parents are happy. I wake up every day with only one thought ‘To make new videos that would liven up my audience’s day’.

You can connect and follow him of Facebook and Instagram. 

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