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Bigg Boss 15 Day 27 written updates: Captaincy task gets ruined, Karan Kundrra calls Pratik Sehajpal ‘gadha’ for being obstinate

Bigg Boss 15 Day 27 written updates: Captaincy task gets ruined, Karan Kundrra calls Pratik Sehajpal 'gadha' for being obstinate
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NEW DELHI: The Thursday epidode of Bigg Boss 15 saw housemates having a discussion on rationing and how to manage with limited resources available. Shamita Shetty asks everyone to stop the ‘after party after dinner’ culture since it leads to unnecessary consumption of food. Pratik objects to it and says people eat their share of bread slices and flour if they feel hungry midnight. Shamita says that people can have extra rice or chapatis for dinner rather than go for the second round of meals late at night. Tejasswi and Pratik argue over the rationing of food. Miesha raises the issue of doing the dishes non-stop. Shamita supports her views and asks housemates to be responsible. 

Miesha tells Ieshaan their relationship have changed

Miesha and Ieshaan Sehgal talk about their relationship and says that their relationship at the start was very pure and intense, however, she feels it has started to change since last few days. Ieshaan tells her that he has been stressed about his image. Miesha tells him that Pratik has been showing interest in their relationship, and asks him to be cheerful in front of the latter. 

Afsana blames Simba Nagpal for food crisis

The next morning, everyone wakes up to ‘Banda Mein Bachelor’ song. Vishal Kotian and Tejasswi Prakash discuss about Akasa Singh and say she is behaving like Pratik’s wife. Afsana says the food crisis in the house is happening because of Simba as he eats all the day. Tejasswi asks Karan Kundrra to help him decide her look for the day. Akasa pulls their leg and sings ‘Ratta Lambiyaan’. Karan says there was no need to sing a song at this.

Ieshaan and Rajiv Adatia try to sort out their issues. Bigg Boss announces that its time to choose a new captain. The housemates are told to select two candidates whom they deem fit to fight it out for the captaincy task. Each housemate gives two names. However, Bigg Boss pulls them all saying they are not able to understand that they have to collectively decide on two names for captaincy. 

Housemates are unable to unanimously decide on two names. Shamita announces that three common names which came for captaincy are Jay, Vishal and Karan. Pratik objects to it and says he doesn’t agree to it. Afsana says the house needs a captain who will also be ready to do house chores. Shamita announces four contenders for captaincy – Jay, Karan, Vishal and Pratik, and ask them to convince the housemates for the role. Afsana says she will not vote for anyone. Housemates do not agree for Pratik’s name for captaincy. However, Pratik is adamant that he wants to give his name as contenders or else he won’t agree fr ‘bahumat’. Nishant supports Pratik for captaincy. Pratik gets six votes as a contender, Jay gets seven votes. Simba votes for himself as contender against Karan Kundrra. Votes are counted and Vishal has the maximum votes.

Pratik takes a u-turn

Pratik gets enraged and takes a u-turn, saying, he is ‘not okay with bahumat’. Jay appeals to Bigg Boss that if the captaincy task gets ruined because of Pratik, then he should be given a horrible punishment. Tejasswi calls Pratik selfish and says he doesn’t care about anyone. Pratik says he doesn’t care even if the house suffers because of him. Tejasswi says Pratik will do drama before Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar. Jay explains to Nishant that since Mukhya Gharwale already had a chance to fight for captaincy, this time someone from Junglevaasi should get a chance for captaincy. 

Nishant supports Pratik and argues with Karan, Vishal and everyone. Karan says ‘Humne pehle Shamita ko first week me captain banaya and second week me Nishant ko banaya’. He adds that why they should support Pratik for captaincy this time, and why other people should not a fair chance. 

Karan is furious at Pratik and says he is a gadha (fool) who ruins all the task. He says he lost his respect last week, however, he will now show their places. He also lashes at housemates for naming Simba in nominations. Teja asks him to name defend Simba as he doesn’t look interested in the game. However, Karan says he knows what he said during the argument. 

Jay makes fun of Simba and says he and Pratik are on a different trip. Teja asks Simba to show a responsible approach, speak for himself and be a little vocal. She says he should have stayed there when people were arguing on his behalf. Simba says he didn’t feel like expressing himself as housemates have already nominated him and are now saying that they made a mistake. 

Housemates continue to argue over contenders names. Shamita tells Bigg Boss that Pratik and Simba are not budging from their decision and did not agree for ‘aapsi sehmati’. BB says that it had made arrangements for the task but it has now been ruined because of them. 

Teja doesn’t Karan’s bond with Shamita, Nishant

Meanwhile, Karan is distraught that Teja didn’t vote for him but Vishal in the captaincy task. Akasa tells him that his vibes matches with Shamita. Karan and Teja have a chat and she says that he has a strong bond with Nishant and Shamita and she doesn’t like him.

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