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Bigg Boss OTT Day 16 written updates: Major TWIST inside the house, Neha Bhasin ditches Millind Gaba!

Bigg Boss OTT Day 16 written updates: Major TWIST inside the house, Neha Bhasin ditches Millind Gaba!
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New Delhi: Bigg Boss OTT house witnessed major twist and turn on Day 16 of the show. The episode was full of change in connections and some real heartbreaks. 

The episode started with Bigg Boss giving the contestants an opportunity to swap their connection in order to move ahead in the game. While some chose to stick together, there were others who wanted to risk and move ahead with another connection. 

While Shamita-Raqesh, Zeeshan-Divya, Moose-Nishant stick with their connections it was Pratik who seemed in a dilemma while accepting Akshara’s heart. 


The most shocking swap was between Pratik Sehajpal and Akshara Singh who were going strong since day one but yesterday Pratik chose Neha Bhasin over Akshara and broke her heart not once but twice.


Laterwards, Akshara went to Millind Gaba and pitched him for a connection and the duo ended up being a new connection. 


While some seemed happy about the decision, it was Akshara, Millind and Moose who were badly affected by the decision and were seen sobbing about it. 

In order to take revenge, Millind wore a T-shirt with a quote – ‘I see FAKE people’ and was seen talking to the audience that he can see the fake people around him now and will never forgive her for her deed. 

Although, Neha tries to pacify her things with Millind and says she wants to hug him for once but he ignores her and makes a song on her fake behaviour.

Later, Pratik asks Neha whether she has fallen for him or what to which Neha responds that she thinks that he has fallen for her and their cute banter starts all over again. 

Pratik tells Moose that he is aware that his decision has made her upset but he can’t fake it as he is known for showing his individuality on the show and asks her to understand her. 
Moose keeps her viewpoint and the two bonds well at the end of the episode. 


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