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Doesn’t feel like work: ‘Matrix 4’ star Priyanka Chopra on her marriage with Nick Jonas

Doesn't feel like work: 'Matrix 4' star Priyanka Chopra on her marriage with Nick Jonas
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Los Angeles: Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her American pop-star husband Nick Jonas celebrated their third wedding anniversary and she believes the key to their strong relationship is that they always have a “good time” together.

She told `Entertainment Tonight`: “I think just being honest and needing each other`s company, obviously. Communication, having fun with each other. I think that`s the most important key, is to be able to enjoy each other`s company and just have a good time.


“And it doesn`t feel like work.”

The actress will next be seen in `The Matrix Resurrections` and she said her spouse is a big fan of the franchise reboot, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “My husband has seen the movie, so he loves it. And I think just for everyone, whether it`s my mom, my extended family, my husband, I think it`s just the excitement around being a part of something that we all sort of grew up on, it`s an exciting time leading up to the premiere.”

The actress herself was thrilled to play exile Sati in the movie because she was such a big fan of the original trilogy growing up.

She gushed: “I mean, this is the late `90s, this is me as a teenager watching this movie and watching it change pop culture. Then cut to as an actor, it`s kind of really, really cool to be a part of this legacy and being invited to play on this playground with these characters that we grew up on.”

The 39-year-old star praised her co-star Keanu Reeves for being such an “encouraging” presence on set.

She said: “I mean, I see why he`s a movie star, but at the same time, he`s the humblest, nicest, gentlest person and also very astute, extremely encouraging.

“I was nervous when I first came in. I remember at the end of the day, (Keanu) came to me when I had all my lines and he said to me, `That was hard, and you got through it, and really well done`. It`s just so nice when you have been through that through the day, and someone else acknowledges it, and is like, `Great job. You did a good job.` It was just something that I needed to hear.

“I got really emotional about it and it was very kind. That is what he`s like, that`s just who he is as a person.

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