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EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 15 wild card entry Raqesh Bapat feels ‘Shamita Shetty has not changed’, calls Simba Nagpal dark horse’!

EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 15 wild card entry Raqesh Bapat feels 'Shamita Shetty has not changed', calls Simba Nagpal dark horse'!
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The big daddy of reality TV shows, Bigg Boss 15 recently saw two wild cards Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin entering the game with a bang. The OTT veterans made their smashing and love-filled entry, taking the excitement levels up a notch. Before entering the show, Raqesh Bapat spoke exclusively to Zee News Digital and talked about meeting his ladylove Shamita Shetty and game plan:

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q. You are entering as a wild card. How wild is your entry going to be?

A. I think all the fans and ShaRa shippers have been asking for it and they are going to be really happy and overwhelmed to see me. I am looking forward to it as it will be a great surprise for Shamita. 

Q. How different will your game plan be this time?

A. I need to voice my opinions firmly now which I used to shy away from earlier. I am much clear about how I want to take it forward. I am not a person who would judge anybody just like that, normally you wouldn’t do that but on a show like this, you need to. People are going to see that I have opinions and I am gonna say the way things are. 

Q. What made you go inside the house a second time?

A. I was pretty sure as I was very unclear and needed to wrap my head around what had happened before. Needed some time off. They wanted me to go inside in the beginning itself and somewhere I wanted Shamita to play her own game, and not as ShaRa. I wanted her to find her own place under the sun. 

Q. Do you see any changes in Shamita Shetty on the show this time?

A. Shamita has not changed, she is the same. She would never change as a person. Previously, the whole game was around how we were, emotionally towards each other. We were trying to build the foundaton but when u are on your own, when there is no other aspect that is covering your judgement or place, I feel she is doing a good job and am proud of her – I wanted that she concentrates completely on her game, first.

Q. Who will be the happiest seeing you inside?

A. Obviously, is there any doubt? Shamita Shetty, because I think she has lost all hope of me going in. Outside the house also when we met, I was pretty clear that I will not enter. 

Q. Do you see any difference in Shamita’s game in Bigg Boss 15?    

A. I find Simba Nagpal cute, I see a lot of myself in him. He is also a very shy person who doesn’t give his opinion easily. But I think he is a dark horse. If I could prove me being like this soft and not voicing my opinion openly or was shy in speaking out, still I could make it to the finale so he too might. 


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