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EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want Pratik Sehajpal to win Bigg Boss 15’, says evicted contestant Akasa Singh

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want Pratik Sehajpal to win Bigg Boss 15’, says evicted contestant Akasa Singh
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New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 witnessed another eviction on this week’s Sunday Ka Vaar episode and the recent one to get eliminated from the show was singer Akasa Singh. 

Akasa who was known as the jodi-maker in the house shared her experience of being the part of the show.

While talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, she spilled the beans on the betrayal which she faced inside the house and also spoke about her love and hate relationship with fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal. 

Did you expect to be out so soon? 

Well, I have stayed in the house for 4 weeks and so I’m quite fine with whatever time I have spent inside the house. But now, post my eviction people are telling me that I could have stayed longer if I would have played the game with my mind and not with my heart. But to be honest, I’m like this only as I’m a person who takes things to heart and so I can’t play games. I’m glad that I was genuine throughout my journey. 


You’ve been seen as a match-maker in the house, what about your personal bond with Pratik?

Well, usually the ones who make others’ bonds are bad at making their own bond. So same is my case. 

Although there were numerous times when people were against Pratik, you stood by his side, what do you want to say about that?


Honestly, I have survived the maximum of the time on that show because of him. Because our bond was genuine and I really like him as a person. Although he has a different style of playing the game, he is the purest soul and is an extremely nice person. I’m so glad I met him on the show and I will root for him from outside. I wish I could have stayed much longer in the house and could have supported him a bit more as now I can regret at certain places where I went against him although he wasn’t wrong at that point. So, yes now I’ll be rooting for him from here.

Whom do you think you shouldn’t have trusted in the Bigg Boss house?

Well, I have been betrayed in the name of friendship. I felt that from Afsana Khan as when one of those who broke my trust in many ways. As whenever I cried or broke down emotionally, she never reached me in a manner like I used to do for her whenever she needed me. Also when I entered the show and met Miesha Iyer, I thought we will connect the most but that girl was out of my understanding. Later I could neither understand her or her game. Lastly, I was shocked when I got to know it was Tejasswi Prakash who also nominated me for the elimination. I couldn’t understand it as I always stood by her side no matter what the situation was. So, these were the people who actually made me feel sad about my decision of trusting them. 


Whom do you want to see as the winner of Bigg Boss 15?

Honestly, I want Pratik Sehajpal to win the trophy of Bigg Boss 15 as he is playing the game with utmost honesty and dedication. I’m not being biased as I am close to both Karan Kundrra and Pratik but I really want Pratik to win the show and if asked for a second option, I would choose Karan for it. These are my two choices.

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