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Exclusive: ‘I would have been a cricketer if not a dancer’, reveals choreographer Punit J Pathak

Exclusive: 'I would have been a cricketer if not a dancer', reveals choreographer Punit J Pathak
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The very talented dancer and a famous face on dance-based reality shows, Punit J Pathak has entertained the audiences with some of his great moves on-stage. In an exclusive interview with Zee News Digital, he talked about his turning dance master for FrontRow, his dream stars and what if he was not a dancer. 

Q. How excited are you for the online dancing masterclass?

A. I am very excited because everything is becoming digital in today’s time, especially since the pandemic. Also, a lot of people wanted me to teach dancing. Since I couldn’t do that physically, I was very thrilled when I was approached by FrontRow for that opportunity. I thought this will give me a chance to bring out everything that I have learnt so far in my life, for people from across the world who will be able to access the same through the app. I have very carefully curated every course and session along with the FrontRow team. So, whether you want to learn dancing professionally or for fun, please do go on the FrontRow app and enrol for the course.

Q. Backed by Deepika Padukone, FrontRow is an accessible platform for many. What do you feel?

A. FrontRow ads used to pop up on my Instagram feed a lot. I was very interested in it and found it very cool. The courses here give people a chance to explore whether they are made for a career in a particular field or not. They didn’t have Dance as a segment earlier and I am thankful to FrontRow that they thought of me to launch the dance segment on the app. So, I took on this opportunity and did something interesting. I feel it’s the best app currently where people get access to education online.

Q. Have you choreographed Deepika in a film yet?

A. I was a part of Remo sir’s team while choreographing songs for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-‘Balam Pichkari’ and ‘Badtameez Dil’.

Q. Who are your dream stars, whom you would like to choreograph next?

A. Anyone and everyone. I feel as a choreographer, you should be able to make everyone dance. It’s not necessary that everyone dances like Hrithik Roshan but your choreography should be such that people remember it or your hook steps. The choreographer’s job is to make the performer look good while dancing.

Q. If not a dancer, what would you be?
A. Cricketer

Q.  You got married recently, tell us about your post-marriage life?

A. Thankfully, my post-marriage life is as good as my pre-marriage life. The best part is that we were, are and would like to be best friends. I am lucky to have her as we think alike. We both give importance to our work and get our space. So, so far so good and touchwood, I hope it keeps going this way.

Q. What’s next on your agenda?

A. I am working for a show called Hunarbaaz. I am the stage director for that show. For people who don’t understand what it means, whatever happens on the stage, is my responsibility. I am going to design all the acts, whether it’s a singer, dancer, musician, or anything.


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