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Exclusive: Living in Bigg Boss OTT house was a difficult task, it was ruining me from inside, says evicted contestant Millind Gaba

Exclusive: Living in Bigg Boss OTT house was a difficult task, it was ruining me from inside, says evicted contestant Millind Gaba
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New Delhi: Popular singer Millind Gaba, who got evicted in the latest Sunday Ka Vaar episode along with his connection Akshara Singh from the Bigg Boss OTT house, seems happy with his journey and the way he carried himself on the show. 

While talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, Millind shared his views about the show and the negativity which the contestants are spreading inside the BB OTT house. 

Did you expect to be out so soon? 


Whatever has happened, I’m fine with it because even the public knows that I won’t be able to survive in so much negativity. I feel I was too clean, too naïve for this show. I only wanted to earn everyone’s love and affection and that is what I am getting right now. I am grateful for that.  

How happy are you with your performance as a contestant in the house? 


Living inside the house was a difficult task. It was ruining me from inside, and that was the reason I brought my luggage to the garden area and decided to stay there only as I got so pissed. Because there were so many disagreements and clashes happening in the house and it won’t allow you to stay happy even for a second and so that was the toughest part. 

How was your bond with Akshara Singh inside the house? 

Akshara and I have shared a very friendly bond since the beginning. We used to tease each other a lot and the best thing about her was she used to listen to me and understand. While in Neha’s case whenever I tried to explain her something in turned into an argument as she used to run away from the situation and so I used to call her escapist. 

Who is your favourite contestant on the show and why?

Apart from me, my favourite contestant was Zeeshan Khan. He got evicted and now after him, I feel Nishant Bhat is playing really well and is definitely one of my favourites. 

Do you think Neha Bhasin is somewhere responsible for your eviction?

No, I don’t consider it that way. After that incident only, I started to play my game and started getting involved in different things. Although it came as a big shocker to me as I believed all the musicians are the same but now it’s not like that. Yes, she did wrong to me but because of her, I started speaking more and getting involved in the game. 

What was your reaction when you got to know about the sad demise of Sidharth Shukla?

The first news which I got to know post my eviction was about Sidharth Shukla. ‘Mere pairon ke niche se zameen khisak gai’ when I got to know about it. I couldn’t digest that as he met all of us in the first week and was so good with everyone. He was praising all of us. He was like a big brother and so it came as a big shock to me. I couldn’t have thought about it in my dreams also and I just want to pray for his family. 

Post your eviction from the show, what is the reaction of your fans?


Well, my fans have mixed emotions. Some are happy that I am out of that negativity and others are sad because they thought that I could have survived a little more in the house.

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