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Exclusive: My diet includes chicken, egg, rice, dal, says The Great Khali who loves both paratha and pizza!

Exclusive: My diet includes chicken, egg, rice, dal, says The Great Khali who loves both paratha and pizza!
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The Great Khali made his wrestling debut in 2000 and his stint as a famous WWE star made him a household name. The 7 ft 3 inches tall wrestler became the first Indian professional wrestler to be signed to a contract by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) back in 2006. The Great Khali was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the 2021 class. In an exclusive interview with Zee News Digital, The Great Khali opened up on his love for food, balanced diet and association with KFC.

Q. So, what goes behind the success of The Great Khali, pls explain? 

A. I never thought that I would become this huge global icon, The Great Khali, or do brand endorsements, work in Hollywood and Bollywood. I wasn’t aiming for this. My area of concern is as simple as any regular Indians’. We celebrate so many festivals and we end up overeating, so I would put in simple restrictions for myself – like not taking up festivals as an excuse to break my diet or consume too much sweet. But one thing that was consistent was that I never gave up, I kept trying and trying and doing my best.

It began with bodybuilding and then moved to wrestle. So, my funda is that if you start something, you must continue doing it with the same amount of energy and dedication. I have seen many people who after gaining success deviate and change their line of interest, but for me, it was always wrestling and bodybuilding.  

Q. Are you a foodie? If yes, what do you like the most? 

A. I am very conscious of what I eat, but I also enjoy my favourite dishes. So, it’s a balanced eating routine for me. My diet includes chicken, egg, rice, dal – a balance of carbs, fats, proteins and fibre. 

Q. Why KFC double down burger is your pick?

A. I absolutely loved Double Down burger and would recommend everybody to try it. It has no bun and chicken fillets on both sides – like I say “uppar bhi chicken, neeche bhi chicken, chicken hi chicken” (laughs) – which for a chicken lover like me, is literally a dream burger. 

Q. Is The Great Khali a soft person at heart or as tough as your exterior?

A. I never let anyone influence my life, I don’t give the key to my peace to anyone else. If I start listening to what others say, they wouldn’t let me do anything. I will probably have to sit home then. So, I’m not easily bothered, I know there are people who love me and that is what matters. 

Q. What’s your daily diet plan?

A. If I am on a diet, I avoid things like bread, biscuits, etc. I pay attention to having a balanced diet that has the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.

Q. Please answer in quick one word: 

A. Your most favourite clothes? 

– comfortable clothes, simple loose t-shirts and pyjamas
b. Paratha or pizza?

– Like both!

c. Burger or fries?

– Burger, that too my new favourite – the KFC Double Down burger

Q. Any message for your fans?

A. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking too far ahead when I started my career. I started by keeping small, simple and short-term achievable goals for myself. I would urge my fans to do the same.


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