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Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan makes you believe in yourself, says Chak De India actress Shilpa Shukla

Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan makes you believe in yourself, says Chak De India actress Shilpa Shukla
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New Delhi: Filmmaker Shimit Amin’s ‘Chak De! India’ not only gave us a memorable performance by Shah Rukh Khan but also introduced many new faces which proved their mettle in the acting space. Shilpa Shula, who played Bindiya Naik in sports drama has impressed one and sundry with her superlative acting chops in movies such as Frozen, B.A. Pass, and Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors web series. She talked about her upcoming teleplay Big Fat City for or Zee Theatre. 

In an interview with Zee News Digital, Shilpa Shukla opened up on her working experience in theatre, films and also her favourite co-stars:

Q. Do you find working in plays a breather from films?

A. For a performing artist film and theatre both are equally thrilling. The film has always been an extension of theatre for me. It’s storytelling at the end of the to the best of our abilities. Both are breathers in that sense. 

Q. Tell us about The Big Fat City. 

A. Big Fat City Is an epic black comedy written and directed by one of the most fantastic playwrights of our times Mahesh Dattani. The play is set in Mumbai. It’s about the nature of reality here, in a way. Aspirational couple with EMIs to pay, a friend with a solution, a famous TV superstar in trouble, a budding actress with big dreams. And the divine timing of it all. Nothing is what it seems. It’s a drama that makes you laugh & wonder at the same time. It has an array of thoughts  that it touches upon by the way of humour when the characters actually are in a real mess & it’s a do or die situation. The big fat city spontaneously shows how uncertain these imagined realities really are. 

Q. OTT, theatre or Movies – what’s your pick?

A. I would like to be choiceless. 

Q. You have worked with some big names, who’s your favourite co-star?

A. Every co-star is a jewel! Like literally, there’s so much to absorb while working with them. So far my favourite would definitely be Shah Rukh Khan because he makes you believe in yourself. And that is a great gift. Also loved working with Kirron Kher on the first film. And cherish working with Deepti Naval too. 

Q. Your future projects?

A. So far, a few web series and one movie. 


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