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Exclusive: Sidharth Shukla never made me feel intimidated, says Broken But Beautiful 3 actress Sonia Rathee

Exclusive: Sidharth Shukla never made me feel intimidated, says Broken But Beautiful 3 actress Sonia Rathee
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Debutante actress Sonia Rathee is all set to light up the digital space with her maiden act in ALTBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful 3 (BBB3) by Ekta Kapoor. The stunning new face will be seen opposite the handsome hunk and Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla, making fans excited for the web series season 3 already. 

In a quick chat over her upcoming web series and a checklist of her dream co-actors, Sonia Rathee told Zee News Digital of what makes her journey special.

Q. How did you land up a lead role in Broken But Beautiful 3?

A. So I got an audition, just like any normal audition from a casting director and I did it. And then the next audition, I got from the same casting director, with some notes in a different scene and then I made it to the third round where I got on a zoom call with my director Priyanka. And she told me a bit more about this character and you’re like, her relationship with people and why her emotions are the way hurt they are. And yeah, then I did another Steam. And then two weeks later, I got a call from the producers that I got it.

Q. Was it your first audition for an OTT platform or had you previously auditioned for other shows?

A. No, no. Of course, I had been auditioning in India for close to eight or nine months. And yeah, I gave plenty of web series auditions add auditions everything. 

Q. While working with Sidharth Shukla in BBB3, were you intimidated by his stardom?

A. To be honest, no, probably because he made it feel that way. He never made me feel intimidated of any sort and it was very comfortable working with him, you know! So I never felt that intimidation or like yeah.

Q. How comfortable were you shooting intimate scenes with him?

A. Just like any other person, it takes time to become friends, or just have a good conversation. So, it requires a normal amount of as well. You know, first meeting mein dost nahi bane the but dheere dheere we turned friends. It was more of like, I believe it was the first or second day and we were doing this very important scene of mine and I was very nervous because it was one of my first scenes and I’m used to being on camera, but I’m not used to having 40 other people behind the camera watching.

And that day mujhe rona nahi araha tha (cudn’t cry) and I was like crap like I forgot acting or something. I took too many retakes and then finally I decided I was able to let me just put some glycerin in my eyes and get like teary-eyed or whatever and I remember the food, like, ran up to, he (Sidharth Shukla) was joking the whole time and he ran up to me held my hand and was like Sonia’s but it’s okay, it’s okay. Why are you crying? It’s okay. We all do retakes. Everybody was like, no, Everybody was like, no, I’m not crying. So, I think it was that moment of just like we kind of broke the ice there, and then, we made fun of each other for.”

Q. Are you in touch with him?

A. Oh yeah, at the trailer launch, Priyanka, him and I – we all got on a FaceTime call and we all just celebrated on our own. So yeah, here and there we are in touch.

Q. Are you an OTT person or you really feel that you’re aiming for a bigger picture?

A. Of course I mean, honestly, my biggest goal is just to create good content to be a part of an amazing, stuff. So whether that be on OTT platforms, or whether that be in movies, I’m game because even in OTT platforms, we’re seeing such incredible content being made, you know. So I’m not really, I’m not closing on the doors there.

Q. What did you watch recently on OTT?

A. I watched a lot, okay. But I just finished watching Shadow and Bone on Netflix and I actually really liked it and you guys I’m trying to find a good new show to watch.

Q. So what exactly is keeping you busy right now? 

A. So right now I am just taking it one step at a time and at the moment I’m so right now it’s keeping me busy as my mom honestly. She just has me running around all day with her. But yeah, in terms of my future career I am just taking it one step at a time. Let’s see how this turn is out. I’m still getting auditions and stuff. You know because I always loved giving auditions, I think it’s a great opportunity for an actor to show their skills but yeah I’m just seeing where the cards end up. 

Q. Your wish list of the top five dream actors, you want to pair up with on-screen?

A. Okay, let’s see Ranbir Kapoor, then I would say people I want to work with includes Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkumar Rao, Siddhant Chaturvedi and then Ishan Khatter. 

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