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Exclusive: Working with Akshay Kumar was a dream come true for me, says Nupur Sanon

Exclusive: Working with Akshay Kumar was a dream come true for me, says Nupur Sanon
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Singer-actress Nupur Sanon is the younger sibling of Bollywood stunner Kriti Sanon, and that we all know by now. Her super successful single ‘Filhal’ featuring Akshay Kumar was a chartbuster and made her a sensation. In an exclusive chat with Zee News Digital, Nupur opened up on her recent collab with Taco Bell, Bollywood debut and how was it working with superstar Akshay Kumar:

Q. Tell us about your Bollywood debut. Is it happening anytime soon?

A. At this point I mean, I can’t really disclose the names. But I think in another month you guys will get to know about a Bollywood project that’s there. And also there’s I’m also exploring my journey in South cinema. So there are a couple of projects that are lined up there as well.

Q. How’s your bond with sister Kriti Sanon? Do you give any work suggestions to her?

A. It is something which I can’t describe because it’s like how she is a best friend She’s a sister, she is someone who also is super protective like a parent. So I think it’s it’s just too beautiful a combination of all the different emotions that that one has with different people. I don’t think I have the experience to give her suggestions. I think she is way more experienced to know for herself. But definitely, when it comes to like, script, or, like, an opinion as an audience, she always takes my perspective into account. I mean, there are times when I’ve read scripts for her. And Cara gives her a second opinion when she’s a little dicey. And she’s a little confused. So that’s I’ve helped her and she’s perplexed about it. But otherwise, I mean, whenever she needs it, yes, I do give my honest opinion. But that’s just an opinion. Because I don’t think I have the level of experience at this point. To be able to give her suggestions in work.

Q. Is your style similar to Kriti’s?

A. I think as sisters a lot of things naturally, because we grew up in the same environment, you know, like culture and you know, the same things happening in the family, the same moral system. So we do share a lot of common things. Especially, I think our moral system is quite similar. And the, you know, the kind of principles that we follow, are quite aligned and in terms of our thought process, but I think there are a lot of things which are not similar as well. Because there is like, an age gap. So she’s way more mature. And, like the kind of, she’s more I think she’s more subtle and she’s more I think she’s less talkative, and she’s someone who’s more she’s always been the more obedient child at home and I’ve been the more like, finding reasons behind decisions that parents have thrown to, as I’ve been, I’ve been a little rebellious. You know, like, if my, for example, my parents stopped Kriti from going for a college trip. She just said okay, and she just I mean she was very submissive, but I was a rebel. I mean, I’ve always questioned and I’ve always fought for when I didn’t understand why. So I think that there are certain differences that of course, if you’re siblings, you have similarities, but our styles are quite different to an extent. 

Q. Which is your favourite song and singer back home?

A. My favourite singer currently is Shreya Ghoshal. I think she’s got a beautiful voice. And my favourite song is and I think will forever be Filhall 1. I don’t think that’s ever going to change because that’s something that’s my start. That’s my big name. And will always be super special to me. 

Q. What makes your collab with Taco Bell special?

A. As a brand with a massive youth connect and appeal, this collaboration with Taco Bell is nothing short of exciting! Cheesyween was one of the most thrilling and exciting parties I’ve attended. What made it even better for an ardent cheese lover like me, was the newly launched Grilled Cheese Burrito and Quesadilla. This Halloween has truly been a treat!

Q. How was it working with Akshay Kumar and the massive success which followed?

A. I think it’s an experience of a lifetime. Yeah, like I mean, as a newcomer, it’s only something that you can dream of, to work with such a big superstar and I have always been a fangirl. So for me, I never ever imagined that one day I’ll be his co-star. So it is a dream come true. But more than that, I think it’s a beautiful experience because they’re the transition from a fan to a co-actor to someone who, you know, got super inspired by just seeing a star who’s so warm, and so grounded to I think, by the time we reach Filhal 2, there was a certain camaraderie that was built up through the entire shoot, that I think I’ve liked, you know, there was a friendly touch to the whole co-actor and like, fangirl vibe, where I could also ask a lot of questions. 

I think in the first part, I wasn’t as free. So I was nervous also. And, you know, like you when you work in such a big star, especially when you are a newcomer. There’s like a double pressure because you feel that anyway, it’s your first plus, it’s, it’s with someone who’s had like, for whom this is nothing, you know. This is the easiest job for them. And this could be a tough job for you. But I think overall, it’s been a great experience. It’s been, like a learning process. And I think I’ve taken in so much, and I’ve learned so much from him that I think I’ll use all my life in terms of the lessons and how an actor should be on set and the discipline and the positivity on set and how funny he is and the light environment that he loses out on set with everybody. 


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