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Friendship Day 2021: These last minute gifting ideas will come in handy!

Friendship Day 2021: These last minute gifting ideas will come in handy!
Written by bobby

New Delhi: Friendships are an important part of our social and emotional well-being. A good friend helps us celebrate life with them and is by our side when we are at our lowest. From helping us deal with a breakup to making us get through a bad day at work – our true friends are constantly there for us.

While we might not always express our love to our pals everyday, this Friendship day makes your friends feel special with these last-minute yet amazing gifting ideas for all you forgetful folks who did not remember that the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day.

Prepare an adorable small video for them

Hunt all the amazing photos that you have with them over the years and prepare a small video for them using any free video editing app on your phone. Write a heartfelt note in the video and put an amazing background music. Your friend is definitely going to love this warm gesture.

Gift them an OTT subscription

Won’t it be cool to gift them an OTT subscription of either Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus Hotstar etc., and let them watch the movies and shows that have been on their bucket list for sometime for free.

Help your friend get in shape

If your friend has been wanting to join a gym or reduce their weight, gift them a subscription for online workout programs available on apps like Cult Fit or gift them a paid membership of calorie-managing apps like Healthify Me.

Pamper them with a spa session

Your friend might need a haircut for the longest time or would just enjoy a nice session of manicure and pedicure. Well, with services like Urban Company you can pamper your friend with a relaxing salon session at their home.

Prepare a scrumptious lunch for them

If you and your friend(s) are living in the same city, and if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, you can invite your friends over to your place for a small get together and prepare a delicious meal for them with your own hands. Nothing is better than catching up with your friends while enjoying a hearty meal. They will love the gesture and can insist on making it an annual friendship day ritual.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Friendship Day!

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