Garena Free Fire BAN: Is it possible after Krafton lawsuit for copying its PUBG?

Garena Free Fire BAN: Is it possible after Krafton lawsuit for copying its PUBG?
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Garena Free Fire, Free Fire Max could face ban in the wake of Krafton’s lawsuit, accusing them of copying its game.

Garena Free Fire is in TROUBLE! We just learned that PUBG Mobile publisher Krafton has files a lawsuit against Sea, who owns Garena, for copyright infringement of its PUBG Mobile and related games. Krafton is targeting 2017’s Free Fire and the 2021 title Free Fire Max for allegedly copying several elements from PUBG games. 

The lawsuit also involves cases against Apple and Google for continuing to distribute the game even after Krafton informing them of the same. Additionally, YouTube is also involved in the case for hosting Free Fire videos consisting of infringed elements, as well as a Chinese movie that rips of elements from the PUBG games. 

What is Garena Free Fire accused of?

In the lawsuit, Krafton majorly accuses Garena of blatantly ripping of several aspects that were introduced by PUBG Mobile a few years ago. Both Free Fire and Free Fire Max have been accused of copying the:

– Game opening “air drop” feature

– The game structure and play

– The combination and selection of weapons and armour

– Several unique objects

– Several locations from maps

– Overall choice of colour schemes, materials, and textures.

Additionally, Krafton says that after launching Battlegrounds (PUBG) in 2017, Garena started selling a game in Singapore that copied their game. It is said that Krafton’s predecessor, PUBG, and Garena settled some of the Singapore related claims. However, Garena says that the parties did not enter into a license agreement.

Additionally, PUBG did not authorize Garena to sell or distribute games that infringed its copyrights in the United States.

Why Google, Apple are present?

Krafton has earlier presented its findings to Google and Apple, requesting them to take down the game, or the components that were infringing the copyright. Both parties, however, refused to do the same and hence, Krafton filed a case. 

Will Garena Free Fire be banned?

If the case finds Garena guilty of copying stuff from PUBG Mobile, there could be consequences for the Free Fire series. 

– Garena could be asked to pay for the damages done by the copyright infringement, as well as pay Krafton for copying the elements. This could cost Garena millions of Dollars.

– If Garena cannot or refuses to do so, the court could ask it to take down the games, or remove the infringed elements. It could also ask Apple and Google to stop distributing the game until it is sorted out. 

Currently, we have no cluse how this case would fare out. However, if you play Garena Free Fire or Garena Free Fire Max, be on the look out for the developments in the case. 

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