Google in MORE trouble! CCI now wants to help App developers; Apple next

Google in MORE trouble! CCI now wants to help App developers; Apple next
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The CCI Google Investigation episode now also asks app developers to submit details on Google’s payment policies on Google Play.

CCI Google Investigation: Google is facing a tough time in India as 2022 begins. The Competition Commission of India, or CCI, had earlier ordered a probe on Google’s abuse of dominance in the news aggregator segment. Additionally, the CCI is also looking into Google’s payment policies for app developers who make use of the Google Play platform to sell their apps. This came after app developers raised concerns over the commission Google takes on every PlayStore payment.

As a result, the CCI has asked app developers to submit a detailed report that explains how Google’s payment policies impact their income. Additionally, the CCI has asked for suggestions for an alternative payment solution from these developers. Google, on the other hand, has defended its stand in front of the CCI. The report comes via Economic Times.

Google payment policies now investigated!

Google has argued in front of the CCI, suggesting that its policies are fair and make for a competitive environment for users. The CCI is said to look into it and could end up seeking more details from Google India, if needed.

On the other hand, sources familiar with case said that the issue was first raised by developers after Google’s policies changed last year, asking them to integrate all of their payment services with Google’s policies. Hence, all in-app payments will need to integrate with Google Play’s billing service, with Google taking 30 percent commission.

“We are in the process of gathering information from app developers on how Google’s upcoming policy would impact them. And any modifications in the payment policy could be worked out,” said one of the persons.

Amidst the controversy, Google had extended the date for developers to incorporate the new policies to March 31, 2022 from October 31, 2021.

Apple to fall in trouble soon

After Google, it is Apple’s turn to face the CCI and its investigations. Apple’s is also said to relate to the same conduct, wherein it forces developers to make all payments via its billing services, with Apple earning 30 percent commission.

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