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Gursimran Khamba: Had to beg restaurants to give us space to tell jokes

Gursimran Khamba: Had to beg restaurants to give us space to tell jokes
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New Delhi: Gursimran Khamba, one of the co-founders of AIB, is back in action with the satirical comedy show ‘Chalo Koi Baat Nahi’. Gursimran has written the show along with comedian Amit Tandon.

Sharing the process of writing the show, Gursimran told IANS: “We used to select an overall theme and talk about all the insights that we had on the subject – observations, stuff we’ve seen already done around the subject, if we had any material around it already prepared, etc. All the newer insights are something we collated and then discussed what would be the most fun way to present that insight to the audience. That ultimately led to the creation of the kind of material that exists in the show.”

Talking about the collaboration with Amit Tandon, he said, “Very fun. I have a great working relationship with Amit. I’ve known him since my days doing stand-up in Delhi and I’m super glad we finally got to build a show together that merged both our points of view.”

‘Chalo Koi Baat Nahi’ will be hosted by Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey, who will be coming together on-screen after almost a decade. It also features Kavita Kaushik, Karan Wahi, Suresh Menon and Atul Khatri alongside talent from the digital world such as Ankush Bahuguna and Kriti Vij amongst others. 

One of the pioneers in stand-up comedy in the digital space, Gursimran shares about the boom of comedy shows on OTT. He said, “I think it’s excellent. Like Amit always says, earlier we were a community now we are an industry. When we started, we had to go around begging restaurants to give us space to tell jokes and now it is a full-blown industry with so many voices and points of view. I’m really excited as to where it will go next.”

‘Chalo Koi Baat Nahi’ will be released on August 20 on Sony LIV. 

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