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Happy Lohri 2022: Interesting facts about the harvest festival!

Happy Lohri 2022: Interesting facts about the harvest festival!
Written by bobby

New Delhi: The auspicious festival of Lohri is here and preparations for it can already be seen around. The harvest festival of Lohri is marked a day before Makar Sankranti, also known as Maghi in some places.

– It is said that Lohri marks the winter solstice, welcoming the beautiful summer sunshine with open arms. 

– The festival is widely celebrated not just in India but also by the diaspora settled abroad. 

There are various legends associated with the festival and its origin. There are many Lohri folk songs associated with the festival and in them, Surya Dev or Sun God finds a mention where people thank him for providing with the heat on earth. Also, in other songs Agni – the Lohri Goddess Agni is revered.

It is believed that by performing the circumambulation of the Lohri fire with utmost faith and optimism, one can expect good things to happen. The festival ushers in a new dawn for a great harvest season as it bids goodbye to the cold and bone-chilling winters. 

Also, many look forward to celebrating the festival of Lohri in order to wish for the well-being of loved ones, to pray for children’s marriage, the childless seek offspring while praying to the Lohri goddess (Agni).

Various kinds of food items are offered to the Lohri fire to seek blessings, prosperity and happiness from the almighty. The Lohri Prasad consists of five food items which include the Til (Sesame), the Gajak (a sweet preparation), Gud (Jaggery), Moongphali (Peanuts) and Phuliya (Popcorn). 

These are offered to the fire Goddess (Agni) to seek her blessings for the wellbeing for the family. 

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Lohri!


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