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Happy Teachers’ Day 2021: Handmade cards to colourful diaries – Gifts for your mentors!

Happy Teachers' Day 2021: Handmade cards to colourful diaries - Gifts for your mentors!
Written by bobby

New Delhi: Every year, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in the country on September 5, marking a special dedicated day for great minds who nurture future generations. Although, a single day is not enough to thank our Gurus for their outstanding contributions, yet it is important to show our love towards them on this special day. 

The day which marks a special celebration for acknowledging the efforts of our teachers is practised in many countries. During the tough times likes these when the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in havoc, even if you can’t meet personally sen in your wishes and presents. 

It’s not the material thing that counts but the gesture that does bring a smile on the receiver’s face—and surely that matters the most. 

Check out the top 5 gift ideas you can put to use easily on Teachers’ Day: 

Handmade cards

Remember when we were in school, making handmade cards for your special friend was the best gift ever? So, why not for your teachers—get going this Teachers’ Day and put all your artistic and creative bent on mind on a piece of chart paper. You can use colourful paper as a background or make a simple card with a white background and beautify it with sparkles and blow pens, easily available in the market.

Write a sweet message inside the card, and give it with love. Else, make a card and send a picture of it in a personalised message, keeping social distancing in mind.

Bouquet of flowers

A teacher always feels proud when his/her student or disciple makes it big career-wise. If you are really busy with work or are tied up with an appointment, at least buy some beautiful fresh flowers for your teachers. Colourful flowers do the trick, always.

Colourful diary

You must have always seen your teacher using a diary or cut-out pages for making notes. Right? So, this time why not return some favour. While your teacher makes notes for you only, this Teachers’ Day you gift them a colourful notepad or a diary instead. A gift should always be of use to the person you are gifting—and what best that a diary to the teacher. You can also order it online to avoid going out.

Special Note

Besides making cards and gifting flowers, if you really feel the reverence towards your guru, then take a paper and write about how great their influence has been on you. Make a special note for your teacher, where whatever you could never say in person has found space in words now. A ‘Thank You’ note will always be treasured by your teacher, trust me!

Photo collage

If you are one of those who believe in keeping all the memories alive via pictures then this one option will be loved by you. Grab all the pictures you have of your school time along with your teacher, even if it is not one of those where you are highlighted much (don’t panic) as no online editing options will be available this time (relax).

So, after you get about 3-4 pictures, paste them creatively on a large chart paper or you can even use any other paper material. Decorate the boundaries by using sketch-pens or colourful ribbons. Gift the photo collage to your teacher and say why we still respect and love our teachers. You can easily create one using free digital apps or filters. So, this requires the least effort.

Here’s wishing all a very Happy Teachers’ Day!


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