iPhone users, have you activated this VPN-like privacy feature? How to do it in simple steps

iPhone users, have you activated this VPN-like privacy feature? How to do it in simple steps
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Apple iPhone users need to enable this Private Relay feature to ensure privacy. Know how to do it.

Using an Apple iPhone? No matter if it’s the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max or an older model, the most important aspect while using any smartphone is the privacy of your data! In the same matter, Apple brings a new iPhone feature for its users to protect their privacy. The feature that we are talking about here is called Private Relay, which has been available to everyone a few months ago. This iPhone feature simply protects your online activity from internet providers and other websites. Or can say, a VPN-like feature to restrict the websites and companies to track your online activity.

How does Private Relay works

So, generally, your network provider and the websites that you visit can access data contained in your internet activity, such as your DNS records and IP address. Which is further, could be used to determine your identity and create a profile of your browsing history and location over time. To not let that happen, iPhone’s Private Relay feature comes into play! iCloud Private Relay is designed to preserve your privacy by ensuring that no single party, not even the parent company Apple, can access both who you are and what sites you’re visiting while you browse the web in Safari.

When you enable Private Relay, your requests are routed through two secure internet relays. Your network provider and the first relay, which is run by Apple, can see your IP address. The address of the website you’re trying to visit is encrypted in your DNS records, so neither side can see it. The second relay, which is run by a third-party content provider, establishes a temporary IP address, decrypts the website name you requested, and connects you to it. All of this is done in accordance with the most recent internet standards, ensuring a fast browsing experience while safeguarding your privacy.

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