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Kapil Sharma says he was tricked by Neha Kakkar’s pregnancy post, says ‘I sent her a message’

Kapil Sharma says he was tricked by Neha Kakkar's pregnancy post, says 'I sent her a message'
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NEW DELHI: Singer Neha Kakkar surprised all her fans earlier this year when she shared a photo of herself flaunting a huge baby bump with Rohanpreet Singh. The picture was widely shared on social media and went insanely viral. 

Interestingly, the picture came out barely two months after she tied the knot with Rohanpreet Singh. However, it turned out that Neha’s pregnancy was a hoax as the picture was part of a promotional campaign for her song, ‘Khyaal Rakhya Kar’. 

Recently, Neha Kakkar appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show as a celebrity guest to promote her song ‘Kaanta Laga’ when host Kapil Sharma revealed that he too like others was fooled seeing Neha’s picture with a baby bump. He went on to add that he too had gotten emotional. 

Speaking to Neha, who was a guest on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ this weekend, Kapil revisited the incident. He said in Hindi, “In between, Neha had shared a post on Instagram. She and Rohan were posing together with Neha showing off a baby bump and the caption was ‘Khyaal Rakhya Kar.’ I got so emotional, I’ve known her for years, so I commented on the post ‘God bless you’.”

“I even personally message her to send my wishes. She then told me, ‘Bhaiya, this is for a song’, Kapil added.

On the show, comedian Krushna, who is seen as Sapna, was seen taking a dig at Neha Kakkar for shedding tears on reality shows. “Mereko na bohot dukh hai, mereko koi pyaar nahi karta hai (I am very sad because no one loves me),” Krushna tells Neha on the show. When an empathetic Neha asks him the reason behind it, Krushna goes on to mock the singer saying, “Aap rona nahi, haan, main contestant nahi hoon (Don’t cry, I am not a contestant).” Neha pretended to be upset and retorted, “Maarungi (I will hit you).”

Kapil also joked about how the Kakkar siblings – Neha, Tony and Sonu have been appearing on almost every television reality show. He asked them sarcastically if they are fully vaccinated or they like being offered a discount package deal to appear on television. He also mocked Neha for her music single ‘Kaanta Laga’, saying, ‘how come all the women are only pricked by thorns and not men’. 

“Mera kum se kum nahi toh 20 baar angootha darwaze mein aake naakhun toota, mere se ek mukhda nahi bana (I have jammed my finger in the door at least 20 times and broken my nail but I could not put together a single verse),” Kapil Sharma tells Neha. 

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