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Lara Dutta recalls when 9-year-old daughter asked her ‘what is a brothel?’

Lara Dutta recalls when 9-year-old daughter asked her 'what is a brothel?'
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New Delhi: Bollywood actress Lara Dutta recalled when her daughter Saira asked her what a brothel was in a recent interview. The ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ actress admitted that she was surprised by the question and wondered where she learnt about the word from. 

However, she stated that she felt it was her responsibility to rightly explain such concepts to her. 


Talking about the instance, she told radio host Siddharth Kannan in an interview, “I’ve never done anything without discussing it with Mahesh before. I think we’re a progressive family… Normally we talk to our friends about such things, we don’t talk to our family. I remember, sex education in school touched the periphery, but that’s about it. Your parents never spoke to you about it. When my daughter was four years old, she wanted to know about divorce. Nine years old, she asked me, ‘What is a brothel?’ I don’t know where she is hearing these things, but she is exposed to them. It’s concepts she doesn’t understand, and it is my responsibility to explain it to her.”


She concluded by saying, “It is my responsibility now to see how to explain these things to her – should I lie to her? Which I don’t know want to do as a mom.”

On the work front, she was last seen in the Lionsgate Play series ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ in which she played a 40-something divorcee on the lookout for a new relationship on dating apps. The series, starring Pratiek Babbar and Shinnova, explores questions of sexuality and love which often go unaddressed in usual conversations.

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