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Mard Tha: Vidyut Jammwal talks about ‘best friend’ Sidharth Shukla in special tribute

Mard Tha: Vidyut Jammwal talks about 'best friend' Sidharth Shukla in special tribute
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Mumbai: Actor Vidyut Jammwal on Wednesday paid a special tribute to ‘Bigg Boss 13’ winner and popular actor Sidharth Shukla on Wednesday. The actor hosted an Instagram live today at noon where he talked about the late actor.

He started with how Sidharth Shukla was one of the most well-dressed guys in the gym he started going in 2004. He said that there was nobody in the gym who was not scared of Shukla, courtesy his well-built, and added that there was nobody who did not love him. Vidyut said that he always found Sidharth to be a ‘real Mard’ as he was raised by three beautiful strong women, his mother Rita Shukla and two sisters. 

He said that during his struggling days, Sidharth’s mother used to feed him homemade food, which was a big thing for him. Vidyut said that since he hailed from Jammu and was away from his family in Mumbai, getting homemade food during those days was no less than a luxury. He added that among all his friends, Sidharth was the only one who had a house and was staying with his family in the city. 

Vidyut talked about a lot of qualities of Sidharth, that according to him are hardly seen in men these days. He said that Sidharth was the only man he knew who would never talk about the girl he was. “Whenever someone asked him about a girl he was rumoured to be dating, he would ignore the question,” Vidyut mentioned during the tribute session. He also added that Sidharth was never into the pap culture as he would never inform and invite paparazzi to click his pictures. 

The ‘Commando’ actor also mentioned that Sidharth knew about his wit and that it would not be easy to beat him in verbal duets. He added that Sidharth was not only well-bred but also well-read and well versed in both Hindi as well as English. He also spoke about how he used to borrow Sidharth’s Hayabusa bike during his modelling days when he wanted to go for shoots or take his friends for rides. 

During the tribute session, Vidyut could be seen almost in tears several times, as he remembered his dearest friend, who bid his adieu to the world at an early age.

Sidharth Shukla passed away in the wee hours on September 2. His last rites were performed on September 3.

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