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Meet Ankit Pandey, a story of hardships and Successful Endeavors that inspires everyone

Meet Ankit Pandey, a story of hardships and Successful Endeavors that inspires everyone
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New Delhi: Successful people fascinate all of us. Most of us believe that things worked out for them because they were “born-lucky”, but what we often fail to see is the ladder of untiring efforts and determination these people possess to climb up the rooftop of success.

Born in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Ankit Pandey didn’t have much exposure to the outer world, but digital media was something that he was always captivated by.

As years passed and Ankit grew up, he left his home and came to Delhi in search of better career options. It was here, that he decided to start his career as a marketer. He laid the foundation of “Vedic Mall”, an online and offline store specifically for Indic products manufactured and built-in India which soon got very popular.

In 2011, he created a Facebook group “Thalua Club” which presented social and political happenings in the country in a humoral and satirical way. To everyone surprise, the group got massively popular and Pandey soon started getting recognition.

In 2014, he started handling election campaigns for his political clients through social media and other advertising mediums. His hard work paid off and the campaigning turned to be massively successful.

Ankit then started “InsistPost”, a news-sharing website that got immensely popular among people all around the nation followed by another Facebook news portal which he established within a short span of 6 months.

The success story of Ankit Pandey does not end here. In 2019, he was again approached by the political leaders for election campaigning for Lok Sabha General Elections. As it was expected, Ankit was successfully able to create a positive atmosphere for his clients among the voters which helped them achieve unprecedented results.

Ankit has become a source of inspiration for the youth of the country. He is a leading example of how hard work and determination can help you achieve anything despite of all the odds and difficulties in your life.

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