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Meet Tariq Faiz who had an opportunity to share the stage with Legend Rahat Indori Sahab

Meet Tariq Faiz who had an opportunity to share the stage with Legend Rahat Indori Sahab
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Music is not something that can be learned in a single day; either you are born with it or you can achieve greatness through hard practice. You can only become a great vocalist if you are consistent and determined. Tarique Mohammed, better known by his stage name Tariq Faiz, is a singer, songwriter, poet, and lyricist who has studied classical music.


Early Life


Tariq is an MBBS student at Index Medical College, Indore. But he originally belongs to a middle-class family from Akola, Maharashtra. His interest in music started when he found the musician “Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab” in 2007. And further went to train himself in classical music from Ustadji Dr Niraj Lande, a great Indian Classical Vocalist from Patiala Gharana as well as from Dagar Gharana, Disciple of Legendary Ustad Sayiduddeen Dagar Sahab.

He came from a background where music was not considered a profession. So, in order to keep his parents happy, he continued to study medicine. He did not, however, give up on his aspirations. Sometimes a good friend can turn out to be your best lucky charm. Similarly, his friend and brother, ‘Ramiz Faiz,’ a master of tabla and composer, assisted him in completing his musical journey. He rehearsed roughly 8-10 hours a day due to his ongoing assistance.

He began playing in concerts with his buddies from his hometown after years of preparation. Due to objections from his family, he never posted videos as he was the lead singer.




His musical journey boosted when he met the brother, Aftab Qadri, a fine artist who gave him a great opportunity and a stage to perform along with him all across India. He was fortunate enough to share the stage with legendary Rahat Indori Sahab, and in 2019, he had the opportunity to perform along with Kumar Vishwas. Then there was a turning moment in his life when he wrote “Khoon Jism me Bahey,” a song about menstruation (periods) sung by reality show singers Rasika Borkar & Krutika Borkar. Devendra Fadnavis, the former Maharashtra Chief Minister, formally introduced the song and it was done for an NGO free of cost.

Former Guardian Minister Dr Ranjeet Patil Sir also presented him with an award. Tariq’s parents understood he’d made the proper decision, therefore it was a huge honour for him and his family.

At the India Film Project Festival in 2020, he narrated and wrote the narration for a short film titled ‘Khanabadosh,’ directed by Ajinkya Patil, a sharp & mind-blowing director from Akola, awarded in various Film Festivals. As a result of his efforts, the film was placed in the top 100 and broadcast on MTV.

Tariq is a true example of how to embrace the hardships that life throws at you, choose to keep going forward and enjoy the ride.


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