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Neha Bhasin’s husband breaks silence on her closeness with Pratik Sehajpal!

Neha Bhasin's husband breaks silence on her closeness with Pratik Sehajpal!
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New Delhi: Singer Neha Bhasin is currently inside the controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT, which is a debut version of the show on a digital platform. The amazing singer is making waves inside the house and likewise, the fan reactions are flooding the internet in the virtual world. 

She left her connection, Punjabi singer Millind Gaba and made one with Pratik Sehajpal, who chose her over Bhojpuri actress-singer Akshara Singh. The duo faced some criticism from trolls online and even questioned their closeness.

Neha Bhasin’s husband Sameeruddin has now finally spoken on her bond with Pratik inside the house, saying that he actually likes the connection.

He told Spotboye.com in an interview, “The constant squabbling, competing on who is cooler, better, smarter, the hugs, the fights, flirting, teasing and pranking each other just like a bunch of school kids, in fact even today when she meets her school buddies, she is exactly like this! On the other hand, they both can give each other candid perspectives, calm each other down, point out when they may be wrong and can have a mature heart-to-heart talk. It almost feels like they know each other for long.”

Adding more, he said, “It was Pratik who chose Neha. In the hearts game, she looked like she was ready to play the game by herself because she knew the game was all about long-lasting connections. She was emotionally distraught and at that time wanted to find her centre and like all her life, she has fought many battles alone, she was up for it in the house as well. But when Prateek broke the ‘connection’ and connected with Neha, I felt that they are both firebrands and equals in every aspect, it was a good thing they connected and the result is apparent as she is calmer, focused and more aware of what’s going on around her.”

Bigg Boss OTT  kickstarted as a six-week digital show airing on Voot, hosted by Karan Johar.


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