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Onam 2021: Thiruvonam timings, significance and legend associated with the day!

Onam 2021: Thiruvonam timings, significance and legend associated with the day!
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New Delhi: The auspicious and much-awaited festival of Onam is marked this year on August 21. The major harvest festival of Kerala is celebrated to commemorate the annual trip of King Mahabali to the state he once ruled. It falls on the 22nd Nakshatra Thiruvonam in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam. 

The festival is celebrated in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar which is equivalent to the Hindu solar calendar followed by people in other parts of India. The festival is spread over 10 days and culminates with Thiruvonam, the most important day. 


Thiruvonam on Saturday, August 21, 2021

Thiruvonam Nakshathram Begins – 09:25 PM on Aug 20, 2021

Thiruvonam Nakshathram Ends – 08:22 PM on Aug 21, 2021

(as per drikpanchang.com)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South celebs and netizens in general took to social media and extended Onam greetings

Legend of Onam:

It is believed that King Mahabali, the most benevolent Raja of Kerala visits his kingdom to see his subjects happy and prosperous on the occasion of the auspicious harvest festival.

Women participate in Pookolam (rangoli made of flowers) and perform Kaikottikali, a dance form. Dressed in their best fineries, women look resplendent in an off-white Kasavu sari with golden border, teamed up with gold jewellery. The men look dapper in white Veshti (dhoti) and shirts.

People get together to participate in a number of cultural activities to celebrate the festival in unison. Boat race (Vallam Kali), Pulikali (folk dance in the disguise of a tiger) and other dance and art forms specific to Kerala.

Sadhya, an elaborate meal with 26 food preparations adds more fervour to the festivities.

However, celebrations remain low-key nationwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic scare as experts suggest the third wave knocking at the door. 

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Onam!



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