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Reasons why Jai Bhim on Amazon Prime Video is surely a must-watch!

Reasons why Jai Bhim on Amazon Prime Video is surely a must-watch!
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New Delhi: Jai Bhim is definitely a gem of a film as it is one of the best Tamil films of recent times. Not only that, the film has won umpteen accolades from critics and fans ever since the film launched on Prime Video on 2nd November. 

While the film’s thought-provoking story has caught the nation’s attention, the film’s cast – Suriya, along with Lijo Mol Jose, Manikandan, Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh have grabbed everyone’s attention with their realistic portrayals. It would be a surprise if you have already not watched or planned to watch this courtroom drama. But the real question is not if you have seen the movie, it is – how many times have you watched it? If you’re looking for reasons, here’s why Jai Bhim is so much more than a one-time watch.

A never seen before narrative: Though there have been multiple movies around this subject and courtroom dramas, but never before has a director been able to capture the sequences quite like Tha. Se. Gnanavel. Through the characters of Chandru (played by Suriya) and Sengeni (played by Lijo Mol Jose), he has breathed life a story which hits us hard every second while it progresses. 

Lijo Mol Jose & Manikandan’s performances: While Suriya plays the lead role, it’s these two actors who have been the forerunners of this movie. With their unmatched acting skills and earnest performances, every time Lijo Mol’s character, Sengeni, and Manikandan’s character, Rajakannu, came on screen, our hearts were choked for breath and eyes were filled with tears.


Suriya’s mettle: There’s no hidden secret that it was Suriya who insisted to his friend-cum-director Tha Se Gnanavel that he wanted to not only produce but even play advocate Chandru in Jai Bhim. And despite the unlimited stardom, Suriya did not let his popularity and fame overpower the other characters and the arc of the story. He delivered a powerful performance through the dialogues and his presence everytime he is on screen, making it a magical experience watching him slip into the shoes of the advocate.

Justice served right: The one thing that this movie roars out loud is the fact that justice should be served hot and fresh without any delay in the righteous manner. Suriya’s character Chandru even makes it loud and clear that law is the weapon which can be used to ensure that justice is done to everyone in the nation.


For the uninitiated, Jai Bhim is a thought-provoking story based on true events that happened in the 1990s in Tamil Nadu. Inspired by real-life incidents based on the life of popular advocate and judge – Justice Chandru, it throws light on how he went beyond the call of duty to ensure that justice is served for the oppressed. 

The film is written and directed by Tha.Se. Gnanavel and features popular actor Suriya in the lead along with Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Rajisha Vijayan, Manikandan, and Lijo Mol Jose in pivotal roles.

Jai Bhim has been produced by Suriya and Jyotika under the banner of 2D Entertainment. Co-produced by Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian, Jai Bhim has music by Sean Rolden. The team behind this film also includes DOP SR Kadhir, Editor Philominraj, and Art Director Kadhir. Jai Bhim is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video across 240 countries and territories in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. Watch now!

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