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Rupesh Sawarkar is motivated by Tiger Shroff’s fitness journey

Rupesh Sawarkar is motivated by Tiger Shroff's fitness journey
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New Delhi: “Tiger Shroff is my go-to motivation,” says Rupesh Sawarkar when it comes to achieving his personal fitness goals. We all know Tiger Shroff is not an average fitness freak but is one of the most physically fit and well-known actors when it comes to maintaining his physique 365 days of the year.

Sawarkar shares a very close bond of friendship with the Heropanti action king Tiger Shroff. You can spot the two of them working out at the same gym together in the mornings. Tiger Shroff is often seeing posting action videos at his training centre, what we didn’t know is Rupesh Sawarkar also works out at the same action training centre as Tiger.

When we got to know about this, we approached Mr Sawarkar and asked him about his fitness journey and spoke to him about his friendship, fitness inspiration, and why he looks up to Tiger for motivation.

Sawarkar said, “First of all I am a huge fan of the king of action Tiger Shroff. He is a very humble and down-to-earth human. Ever since the last lockdown, I started taking my fitness seriously and the only reason being I got the chance to meet and train alongside Team Tiger. The one thing that motivates me is, watching Tiger arrive at the gym early in the mornings and begin with his training. He doesn’t wait for anyone or anything, he is up early at the gym doing what he does best. So it’s like, looking at him put in such effort it motivates me to do the same too.”

The secret behind Tiger’s fitness is his morning routine says Sawarkar. The early morning hustle by the fitness icon makes Sawarkar want to wake up early and head to the gym. Keeping fitness as a core to his daily routine, Rupesh also praised Tiger’s discipline towards his morning routine.

“Tiger is one of a kind. There will never be another like him. I see him so disciplined and humble at the same time, it’s very difficult to find such people anymore who have reached a great height yet have their feet on the ground. He is always there to motivate me and is genuinely an amazing person to be around.

Rupesh also posted his birthday celebrations with Tiger Shroff on social media. He said, “On my Birthday Team Tiger had planned a beautiful celebration. We cut the cake together and it was wonderful to have Tiger be there on my birthday too. That was the only cheat meal I was allowed to have (My Birthday cake) It made my day.” The two of them also posed for pictures at the training center.

Tiger Shroff and Rupesh Sawarkar are good friends. The two of them share a respectful repo with each other. This is what makes Rupesh work harder towards his 2021 fitness goals and keeps him motivated. “As long as my inspiration is the king of action himself, I will keep giving it my 100% every day. And next time this year, we shall be in a far better state physically and mentally as well. God bless,” he said.

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