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Sambhavna Seth accuses medical staff of negligence, says ‘this hospital killed my father’ – VIDEO

Sambhavna Seth accuses medical staff of negligence, says 'this hospital killed my father' - VIDEO
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New Delhi: Actress Sambhavna Seth, who lost her father SK Seth on May 8, due to COVID 19 complications is now all set to file a legal battle against the hospital. 

Sambhavna, who worked predominantly in Bhojpuri films and TV shows released a video on her YouTube channel recently, alleging ‘negligence’ on part of the medical staff. 

Sambhavna Seth, who is now a famous Vlogger, shared the video which was shot from inside the hospital. The actress can be seen alleging in the video that how the medical staff’s lackadaisical attitude led to her father’s poor health condition, whose saturation at that point in time had fallen to 55. 

(Disclaimer: This video has been shot inside the hospital and can leave you disturbed)


The actress finally broke her silence on her father’s death and blamed the authorities of the Jaipur Golden Hospital in New Delhi for not treating her father in a rightful manner. 
Sambhavna took to her social media handle and shared the video where her father was seen gasping for breath. 

She wrote, “They Killed my Father..

As they say the world cannot be just black or white. Similarly, every doctor cannot be equivalent to God. There are few evils too who are killing our loved ones wearing white coats.

Within 2 hours after recording this video my father passed away or I should rather say he was medically murdered. Losing my father was the biggest fear of my life which i have faced. Now i am fearlessly going to fight for the truth as taught by my father whole life. I may or may not defeat these big sharks in this fight but definitely gonna pull them out of this godly water and show there real faces. I was just waiting to complete all the rituals for my father. Now i need your support in this fight because I know everyone of you who has been to hospitals in these tough times have faced the similar medical negligence but couldnt fight for it due to various reason but now we all can fight together by sharing this video with hashtags #justice4sambhavna #medicalmurder
My lawyers Adv @rohitarora1914 and @adv.koshima Senior Associates @lexlaureate , a renowned Delhi Law Firm, are in process of initiating the legal battle by sending the Jaipur Golden Hospital a Legal Notice @jayant.priya..”

She also blamed the authorities for not taking proper care of him and also went on saying that they were ‘medically murdering’ her father who was admitted for COVID treatment.

In the video, she was seen asking for the name of the nurse who was talking inappropriately to her and also said that her father’s oxygen level was normal, although it went down to 55. She also showed a glimpse of her father who was unconscious and was having severe breathing issues. 

Sambhavna also said in the video that she was also planning to shift her father to some other hospital as she was not happy with their treatment but her father expired within two hours.

After Sambhavna uploaded the video on YouTube, fans showered immense support to the actress. 

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