Send WhatsApp messages WITHOUT typing! How to do it in EASY steps

Send WhatsApp messages WITHOUT typing! How to do it in EASY steps
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Using Google Assistant, Android users can send a message on WhatsApp just by saying it aloud

Typing long messages on WhatsApp can become very frustrating, especially when you’re outdoors, driving or doing an activity. Even without these situations, typing messages can also be an annoying experience if you type fast and sometimes just press the enter key before finishing the entire message. Well, for all these irritating scenarios, Google Assistant can be your saviour.

Imagine, would it not be amazing if you could just open WhatsApp, go to any conversation or group and just speak and it all magically got typed and sent without you needing to lift a single finger? One of Google Assistant’s features can do exactly that.

While typing on WhatsApp can often be boring and reduce your multitasking capabilities, you can use your personal Google Assistant to do your typing for you while you can focus on driving, working out, cleaning around the house or even play a piano! If you want to use this feature, just follow these easy steps.

Use Google Assistant To Send WhatsApp Messages

Before doing anything else, make sure you have registered your voice with Google assistant so it does not pick anyone else’s voice and sends an unwanted message on WhatsApp. You can do that by going to Google Assistant’s settings and saving your model voice.

Another step you must take is to enable Google Assistant in lock screen mode. This will further save you the hassle of unlocking your phone manually to use this feature. By enabling it, you can be far away from the phone and still send messages instantly to your friends and family.

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, simply follow the following instructions. 

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