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Shoot me in the head but don’t let Taliban take me away alive: Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed told fiance

Shoot me in the head but don't let Taliban take me away alive: Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed told fiance
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New Delhi: Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed who was making headlines after her lucky escape from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover recounted her ordeal of leaving the war-torn country. 

In a recent interview with AFP, the star revealed that she had directed her fiance and manager to shoot her in the head if the Taliban were to catch her alive. She told AFP, “I said to him, you know Hasib… if I am about to be taken away alive, just shoot me. Just shoot me in the head.

The singer is currently in Istanbul after fleeing her home country Afghanistan.

In the interview, she also revealed that she managed to escape the Taliban’s wrath only in her second attempt to flee. During her first attempt, on August 14, the flight she was supposed to board failed to take off.

A disheartened Aryana tried again on August 19 and managed to fly to Istanbul with a stop at Doha, Qatar.


In her conversation with AFP, she also recounted her plan B if her primary plan failed. She revealed, “We made up a story as well. I remember we told this little kid if we get stopped, you have to tell them I am your mum and my name is not Aryana. It’s Freshta.”

Aryana fled Afghanistan and flew out on a US plane. In her Instagram post on August 19, she shared a picture of her on the flight and had revealed in the caption that she had reached Doha, Qatar and was waiting for her flight to Istanbul.


For the unversed, pop star Aryana Sayeed is one of the most popular Afghan singers and TV personalities. She sings in Persian and Pashto. Interestingly, she was a judge in the Afghan version of The Voice – the show aired in 2013.

Later, she also became a judge on the show Afghan Star. She has won several awards as well such as the Afghan Icon Award and the 2017 Best Female Artist of Afghanistan.

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