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Sonali Phogat says her feelings for Aly Goni were ‘pure’, applauds Jasmin Bhasin for acting maturely

Sonali Phogat says her  feelings for Aly Goni were ‘pure’, applauds Jasmin Bhasin for acting maturely
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New Delhi: Bigg Boss 14 contestant and actress-turned-politician Sonali Phogat made headlines when she confessed to having feelings for her co-contestant and actor Aly Goni.

However, the feelings were not reciprocated as the actor was interested in Bigg Boss contestant and his best friend Jasmin Bhasin romantically.

Now in an interview to a news daily Sonali has complained of still being trolled with Aly Goni’s name. She also says that her feelings for the actor were pure.

“I think if someone expresses his or her feelings for the other person, I feel more than making fun of that person, we should appreciate them. But when I shared my feelings about Aly Goni, people started trolling me. They made fun of me, passed remarks and questioned my thinking. I was shocked that we are in the 21st century. My feelings were pure, I didn’t have any malice in my heart. I did not pretend to be something else inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, I showed my true personality,” shared the actress with ETimes.

Sonali also spoke about Jasmin Bhasin, who is now dating Aly Goni.

“I really appreciate Jasmin Bhasin, initially I thought she is a kid but she is very mature. She understood my feelings for Aly Goni and never made things awkward for me. In fact, I’ve known Jasmin for a long time and she has always been in contact with me. She has been part of my happiness and sorrows and we are in touch with each other through messages,” shared the 41 year old.

Sonali made her television debut in 2006 as an anchor on a Haryanvi show on Doordarshan. She later joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2008 and was subsequently made the Vice President of BJP Mahila Morcha.

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