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Suvrahadip Ghosh’s visions as a writer and author enthrall people, taking them onto a world of healing

Suvrahadip Ghosh's visions as a writer and author enthrall people, taking them onto a world of healing
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His book “RUINS” was released early this year through Blue Rose Publishers, a book about 30 eloquently weaved free-verse poems, each dealing with a different heartache. 

The way certain individuals, especially youngsters, have been moving their way up to the top in their respective industries proves their passion, resilience, and hard work. Most of them have driven various industries towards more growth and success, putting their immaculate visions and ideas into action. Amongst these, the creative industries are also those that have produced impeccable talented beings so far. We came across one such youngster named Suvrahadip Ghosh, who has been making it huge as a content writer and now a published author, whose writing has not just enthralled people but also inspired them in ways more than one.

Who is Suvrahadip Ghosh, you ask? Well, this young man is all of 24 years of age and has to his credit an Amazon book titled “RUINS”. Talking about RUINS, his book was published through Blue Rose Publishers early this year. Suvrahadip says, “Since 2018, the dream of becoming a published author has fascinated me. I had even completed the manuscript of RUINS in late 2018. However, it was only in 2021 that my debut book was released, more memorably, on my birthday on January 19.”

Explaining what RUINS is all about, Suvrahadip says, “It has 30 eloquently weaved free-verse poems, each dealing with a different heartache. Of ruins left behind by love, life, and death, and at the same time, it narrates the tale of hope and healing. It is a book that makes readers believe that they aren’t alone, acting as a friend in their journey of self-acceptance and healing.” He highlights, “If you love reading the works of Pablo Neruda, Richard Siken, John Keats, Louise Gluck, Sylvia Plath, or the modern gen poetess Rupi Kaur, RUINS is for you.”

RUINS help people believe that one can find beauty in what is broken by helping people reconcile with their past. It liberates them to move forward in life with a less heavy heart and also reminds them that their cracks are from where the light will enter in their lives, ultimately highlighting that it is beautiful to be broken.

He has had previous experience working with several other feature pages. He hailed from Bhadreshwar, West Bengal, and was raised in Mumbai and Vapi, Gujarat, where he currently resides. Suvrahadip Ghosh graduated with B.Tech Civil from C.U. Shah University, but for the past two years, has been working as a copywriter. He confesses how he felt a close inclination towards writing and quit working on site after eight months. In 2019, he got the opportunity to work for The Scribbled Stories as a creative writer for three months. Here, he amassed over 70 features on their page.

The next year, he worked with Plop Chat Stories as a script/short stories writer and was soon named in the top 50 of the ‘National Wingword Poetry Prize’. Later Suvrahadip even started his journey as a select writer for the Terribly Tiny Tales. In 2020, he even co-authored ‘Pocketful O’ Stories 2′ with Durjoy Dutta.

In the coming years, Suvrahadip Ghosh aims to write a dozen books in the fantasy-action genre. Currently, he is also working on his debut novel- an action fantasy story about a boy who suddenly finds himself on an island one day. Also, he wishes to explore different genres like romance and psychological thrillers. To experience his impeccable writing style, composition, and the emotions which he has poured in, check out his book RUINS on Amazon: https://amzn.to/39IrDrD

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