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Tariq Khan: An Instagram Influencer, Actor and Successful Businessman

Tariq Khan: An Instagram Influencer, Actor and Successful Businessman
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In 2021, the COVID era, as we can popularly call it, careers have changed. Work from home became a mandate and content creation was looked at as a real and potential career. When we talk of unconventional careers, we add ‘Being an influencer’ at the top of the list till date. Digital content creators such as influencers, actors and Instagram stars rose above all in these times. Let’s talk of Tariq Ahmad Khan, a renowned Instagram influencer and star. He is not only an Instagram influencer but also a famous business owner at Bombay Lamp Shades, an esteemed lighting store in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Born in Mumbai, Tariq Ahmad Khan is an acting professional aged 24 years old. In his free time, you can find him gymming or bodybuilding. Born to Fatima Khan and Talha Ahmad, Tariq completed his schooling from Lucknow Cathedral School. He completed his graduation from Amity University. He is a proud Indian and belongs to Muslim faith. He has a sturdy and unique personality with a height of  5 ’10’ and weight of 68 kgs only. Tariq is lovingly known as a ‘brown-eyed, black-haired’ guy. Non-vegetarian food is his personal favourite and he enjoys relishing Biryani a lot. Writing of his relationship status, he added that he’s single.

Acting has always been his passion. Surprisingly, what started off as his passion has now become his profession. Reels became an important part of life once he started posting those on Instagram. The genres covered by his reels are usually Entertainment and Comedy. He believes that ‘Consistency is the key’ and consistently posts on Instagram. 

Discussing his hobbies, travelling is a great hobby and London is his most-loved travel destination. Who doesn’t love Bollywood? Just like all of us, he watches Bollywood movies in his free time and loves Shahrukh Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes. He finds football interesting and adores Lionel Messi as a top player. 

Hard-earned money is worth it. And, it comes to those who work for it. Tariq is persistent in his efforts and commitment. Tariq earns a salary approximately ₹ 3 to 5 Lakhs and his total Net Worth is ₹ 50 Lakhs.

Let’s read about Bombay Lamp Shades by Tariq. It is a luxurious lighting store with all kinds of lighting solutions. Catering to the needs of shooting locations and weddings, Bombay Lamp Shades provides glamorous jhoomars, chandeliers to them. The best part is that they possess the distributorship of Phillips. He’s grown the social handle of Bombay Lamp Shades and it now has a massive following of approximately 14 K. 

The business is going well amidst the pandemic, which is surely a delight and a matter of pride.

Tariq Ahmad Khan is an upcoming influencer with around 19.8 K followers on social media platforms like Instagram. He’s a kind-hearted person who’s respectful of everyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, gender, etc. Tariq is truly a rising star.

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