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Tollywood actress Shalu Chourasiya’s attacker still at large, police steps up probe

Tollywood actress Shalu Chourasiya's attacker still at large, police steps up probe
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Hyderabad: Even three days after an unidentified man attacked Tollywood actor Shalu Chourasiya and snatched her mobile phone at KBR Park here, the Hyderabad police could not achieve a breakthrough in the case.

Police officials investigating the case have stepped up the probe to identify the robber, who assaulted the actor on the outer walkway of the park when she was on a walk.

At least four police teams were scouring through the footage of CCTV cameras installed around the walkway and adjoining road to zero in on the offender.

The incident occurred around 8.30 p.m. on Sunday on KBR Park’s outer walkway opposite a coffee shop on road number 93 of Jubilee Hills.

The police found that the robber immediately switched off the actor’s phone. The police reportedly found the pouch of her handset near Apollo Hospital.

The investigators were working on some leads to track down the offender, who according to the actor, was short and spoke Telugu.

The police were also trying to ascertain if the offender was someone known to the actor. She, however, said the assailant was unknown. She also stated that she has no personal enmity with anyone.

The actor told a television channel that she escaped from what was a certain death. She revealed that the offender also molested her when she fell unconscious for a few moments after he assaulted her. She said when she woke and resisted, he picked up a boulder and was about to throw it on her head when she kicked him and climbed iron fencing and jumped onto the main road to save herself.

Shalu Chourasiya said the man might have come for robbery but later his intention was definitely to molest and kill her. According to her, the man came from behind when she was walking and held her with a cloth on her mouth. He wanted her to hand over the money. She said she offered to transfer it to his account, took out her phone but dialed 100 to alert police. Realising that she was informing police, he snatched the mobile from her hand and started assaulting her.


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