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Viral: Squid Game gets a shoutout from Amul in quirky cartoon, check it out!

Viral: Squid Game gets a shoutout from Amul in quirky cartoon, check it out!
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New Delhi: The Korean show ‘Squid Game’ has gained popularity all over the world including in India and is one of the Top 10 shows on Netflix in the country. Owing to its appeal, Amul, a brand known for its trendy, culturally relevant adverts has created a Squid Game inspired artwork and fans can’t keep calm.

In the image, we see two men dressed in pink jumpsuits as the soldiers in the game would dress with player number 456 in the middle. He is seen playing the iconic ‘sugar honeycombs’ Korean game in which players were required to carve out a shape from a brittle, thin sugary treat.

The brand’s Instagram account captioned it as, “#Amul Topical: Survival drama TV series gains huge popularity!”

Take a look at the clever advert:


It is a dark, survival, somewhat dystopian take on the financial struggles of people around the world and how many debt-ridden individuals would go to any extent to gain economic stability.

Although it’s bleak, audiences are thrilled with its ominous storyline and semblance to the depiction of class disparity in real life.

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the plot of the show revolves around 456 individuals or players who’ve agreed to partake in a game show to win a ₩45.6 billion prize. For this huge cash prize, they can face deadly consequences including death if they lose any of the games.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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