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We are facing similar problems in Brazil: Actress Priscilla Avila

We are facing similar problems in Brazil: Actress Priscilla Avila
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Brazilian Actress Priscilla Avila, who made her debut in Indian Theaters this year with the Telegu Movie “Mosagallu”, speaks about this hard moment during second COVID outbreak. 

“I was about to make my career in Hollywood in the beginning of 2020 when I got to my home country Brazil which after faced the same problems and I was expecting my Talent Visa approved there but COVID hit hard all the world and I had to come back to move to India after the movie I am in got successful released all over the country last march but the second wave came to India and I couldn’t go. All the world is facing the consequences of those very low immunization polices and my unlucky life experience is only a small part of this.”

Priscilla says in Brazil they didn’t have a serious vaccination campaign and the Brazilian president waited so much to take serious actions about the pandemic and the country is still facing thousands of deaths per day. “I am devastated seeing the same number of deaths happening in India now.” She completes. 

Priscilla also says Brazilians are not taking the lockdown seriously and the vaccination is still very low so she is waiting for the US opening the boarders again to come back to her working life.

“The United States are slowly allowing Brazilians to come back to the country and I know the only way I can be vaccinated is when I will be there, and I hope will be before August. Probably my dream of working in India Movie Industry will be postponed again”. 


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