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Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from November 22 to November 28, 2021

Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from November 22 to November 28, 2021
Written by bobby

You may not feel like socialising and prefer some solitude and alone time. Your focus will be on yourself, and some quiet time will allow you to process your thoughts and feelings. Listen to your spouse to understand how they feel about you and the emotional support they seek from you. Take a break from the hectic schedule and spend money on physical comforts, grooming and self-care. At work, you will enjoy success, accomplishments, and you will be adequately rewarded for your efforts. Any investments made this week should pay off. Hone your skills to increase your income.

You may feel lonely, rejected and misunderstood by your partner. Insensitivity or lack of understanding on their behalf will cause pain. Stop worrying about what other’s think of you. Your negative attitude might be contributing to your unhappiness. Rather than dwelling on the problem, try to understand what went wrong. You need to strengthen your self-esteem. For others to think good go you; you must start thinking positive about yourself first. An excellent week to launch a new endeavour. If planned well, it can bring financial success. Listen to your intuition in financial matters.

This week will be full of love, affection and attention. You will succeed at making deep and meaningful connections with your lover, friends. Things will turn around positively in your relationship with your spouse. Your sense of self-worth will be strong, and you will be in full command of your emotions. You will have a career, job, or business-led decision to make. New partnerships and the beginning of a new project is indicated. There is financial stability, and you can consider making a long-term investment. Advice for this week is to let go of your past, outgrow your present situation and move forward.

Petty issues, disagreements and ego flare-ups will cause squabbles between you and your partner. Either of you might be refusing to see the other person’s side. Don’t be stubborn, and try to be more cooperative and flexible. At work, you will establish a strong position and showcase leadership qualities. Stop relying on others instead; make your own way by facing the challenges and overcoming your fears. Don’tDon’t be impulsive with money and be cautious with spendings & investments. The advice this week is to look inward and trust your intuition. Listen to your heart and be guided by your feelings.

Say it aloud! Express your love and feeling openly and passionately. Let your partner/ lover know what you think of them and how much you care. Remove all full stops and celebrate your love and bond. Marriage is on the cards for some. At work, you need to pull back a little and take time away from your hectic routine to recharge your batteries and get back on track. Consider financial matters carefully. You are on the road to recovery from an illness or injury. You will have the support of friends and family.

Follow a mature and balanced approach in love. Give space to your spouse, and do not impose your ideas and thoughts. Stay clear or wisely withdraw from situations leading to arguments and differences of opinions. Professionally, you are likely to receive and achieve the best. Your hard work pays off with recognition of your performance. A bonus or a promotion is in the pipeline. Financial worries will fade off. There could be an opportunity, so seize it and start working on it. Finally, take care of your health and tend to practical & financial matters.

You will be on an emotional roller coaster ride with many highs and lows. Not knowing which emotion is right and which one you should pursue. Your relationship with your spouse will be volatile, and you might feel vulnerable- even as you might not be able to explain what’s going on. On the other hand, you could receive positive news related to work or the job interview you may have given. Don’tDon’t be naive regarding financial matters and pay attention to money & resource management. Advice for this week is to pay attention to your health, don’t overthink and fix any irregularity in sleep patterns.

Open your heart and say yes to love. This week heralds the start of a new relationship, romance and nurturing of affection. You feel connected on a deeper emotional level to the one you love. There may be a job or work-related positive news or opportunity emerging before you and urges you to explore it further. Be practical and realistic with money, and don’t just jump into making investments. Be patient and don’t worry about how things will unfold; focus and move forward.

You will be expressive, joyful and spontaneous this week. You will follow your heart, and it will take you places. A love affair may begin and sweep you off your feet, or there could be rekindling of fire in an existing relationship. Whatever it is, follow your bliss. An investment, a negotiation or a business deal should work out in your favour. You will reap the rewards of your hard work. Someone in the position of authority will be able to guide and mentor you. Be more practical, responsible and grounded.

This week will be an emotionally fulfilling time. Your partner will be supportive and loving. Spending time with family will bring you happiness and a sense of security. This is a great time for couples as well as those planning to settle down. All will be going good at work. Projects will be completed, and you will get the recognition you truly deserve. An investment will come to fruition. Money is coming your way but as a result of your hard work and not some luck. Avoid any extremes, moderate your behaviour and actions to reduce stress and restore harmony.

It is time for good things coming from the past, being influenced by past events. You will reconnect with old friends and distant family members. Be ready to express love, and your feelings will be reciprocated. Any stalemate in love is getting over. You will be chasing deadlines at work, and additional tasks might be weighing you down this week. Saying ”no” might not be possible, to seek help from your colleagues. Approach life with confidence and passion. Be kind and respectful towards others, and they will reciprocate.

Stay hopeful- things will get better. Your dream to find love is about to come true, and you are now destined to be with someone. Your relationship with your partner will get more profound and meaningful. Lack of clarity may cause confusion in work-related matters. You should take care of small details and watch for any difference of opinions. If in any problem, wait for some time to address the problem; don’t act immediately. Advice this week is to be patient, remain open to possibilities and don’t feel inhibited by fear.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner  & Consultant)

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