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What makes a great biography, according to the editors?

What makes a great biography, according to the editors?
Written by bobby

Biography of a celebrity is available online which is considered to provide the most reliable information about him/her. With more articles in the English language, it is considered to be the greatest assembling of knowledge.

Generally, the new editors start by editing existing biographies instead of creating new ones. Slowly, with time and experience, they start creating their own new articles. As per most of the editors, the best biography are those which are neutral. Generally, new people write biographies about whom they are inspired or obsessed. People should avoid such biographies in which they have their interest. They should choose such people about whom they can write neutrally without being biased.

The second most important thing to write a good biography is that your content should be well-sourced. The facts and content that you provide in the biography should be accurate. Facts like date of birth, date of death, achievements, education, family details, place of origin, etc. should be correct. It’s not a big deal if you do not have complete information about a person. You can avoid mentioning the details which you are not certain about. But uploading the wrong or assumed details is not correct.

The biography article you are writing should be straight forward. A straight-forward article with simple language is liked by all types of readers and is preferred. A person using complex statements and words makes a reader lose their interest in the biography. A writer using weasel words either too much appreciating a person or completely knocking them down is not acceptable. The content should be free from jargon and based on your own research.

In today’s busy world people are in such a rush that they have no time to go through the entire article. People generally look for bullet points and summaries. The biography article you are planning to upload should be concise. The writing should be a smart and appropriate mix of facts and opinions. Any exaggerated content is not likely to be appreciated. The content should be balanced, which gives a reader a neutral vibe. The reader should not feel that the writer is biased about the person he/she is writing about.

Most importantly, the biographies or any article you are writing and uploading on the internet should be properly edited in a basic format. The data should be properly categorized in headings and sub headings based on the data and information. The article without proper fonts and editing makes your article boring and plain. Use of proper fonts and editing tools makes an article interesting and reader friendly. Important links and references should be added to the biography. The reader must be aware of the source of the information you are providing to them.

The person using any data or content should not infringe the copyright of any content. As the data available on website is free for everyone and can easily be copied and reused. This arouses the temptation in people to copy texts. Make sure you do not make this mistake of copy-pasting the data from one source and adding it to yours. As this may immediately be identified as plagiarism and a violation of copyright. Such a violation immediately leads to nomination of the content for deletion.

And the last and most common rule is to avoid self-promotion. People should avoid writing an article about themselves. If you believe yourself credible and worth being written about, then make sure someone else gets inspired from you and writes about you. You should avoid or think before mentioning your colleagues, mentors and people associated with you. Apart from writing or editing your biographies and articles, you should also be bold enough to correct an error you spot in some other articles. However, there is a difference between boldness and recklessness. Try to do editing of small details instead of making a complete rewrite of it.

These are some of the basic rules and guidelines any person should follow before uploading a Biography. Here in Biographywikipedia you found the biography of famous celebrity, where we discussed the whole life of them right from their birth to their education, lifestyle, net worth, relationship and more so that you will get an idea about the living standard about those celebrities. The information which we put on those biographies are true, we have researched very well about each point mention in the biography so that our readers will get the correct information about.

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