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Why Luis Scott reads 52 books a year

Why Luis Scott reads 52 books a year
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Bader Scott Injury Lawyers (formally known as Bader Law Firm) was established in 2008.

The firm was established by Luis Scott and Seth Bader, who met at a networking conference a few years after Bader Law Firm was created. Through common interests and mutual goals, Scott and Bader were able to establish a personal and professional relationship.

Since then, Bader and Scott have represented over 10,000 clients with their team. Luis Scott had worked his way to becoming a partner in Bader Law Firm shortly after joining the company. From the start of the company, Scott had a goal to be his own boss and work alongside Seth to build something great. The firm did fairly well and took on a life of its own after the partnership, however, the pandemic brought on a new struggle for the company.

Bader and Scott both decided to refrain from terminating any of their employees during the pandemic, which meant budget cuts for the firm. They were able to pull thru and continue working virtually while things calmed down.

So, how did Bader and Scott overcome these along with the other challenges they faced while building a successful firm? Scott explains how his daily habits help him take on the obstacles that come his way. One of Scotts preferred past times is to read, “reading creates a discipline,” he explains during his 52 by 52 rule. Scott created a 52 book by 52-week structure to establish a timeline for his reading goal. He aims to finish one book a week for 52 weeks. Essentially saying that these small habits create a structured way of living, which can be applied to his work ethic.

Scott has gone on to write 14 books of his own and is continuing to grow the firm with Seth Bader.

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