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Women empowerment has a ‘name’, says Piyali Chatterjee

Women empowerment has a ‘name’, says Piyali Chatterjee
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New Delhi: This year was the year of famous female entrepreneurs. One such all-rounder lady is actress Piyali Chatterjee, who is gearing up for her big debut in the Tollywood film – ‘Jotugriho’ which is directed by Saptaswa Basu. She is not only an actress but a doting mother and entrepreneur too.

The Nexgen production house is the brainchild of Piyali Chatterjee and her husband Raktim Chatterjee who is also a very famous entrepreneur and Bengali film producer.

Her biggest encouragement has been her husband Raktim, who always motivated her to do films. Apart from being a hard-working, budding actress, she also is an astute and visionary businesswoman who looks after the business of Nexgen production.

Piyali has also done a lot of ad shoots too. She has always been passionate about acting and wanted to make a career in cinema. Following her passion, she has attended numerous workshops under the director of Jotugriho to train herself for the movie. She looks at the workabouts too.

When asked about the future of the Bengali film industry, she has a positive outlook on Bangla cinema. She thinks a lot of good movies are coming soon to rebuild the new era of the Bengali film industry.

She will soon be seen in another film with a different character.

She was groomed by Bibhash sir from Tollywood for some acting workshops. Piyali is also a well-renowned dancer and before coming to Tollywood, she was coached and trained by Dance India Dance participants. Her hobbies include spending quality time with family.

With so much talent and different roles, she is playing as an actress as well as an entrepreneur. One can without an iota of doubt say that Piyal Chatterjee has a long and bright career waiting for her in the near future.

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